Arizona-related websites
Arizona Motor Vehicle Division
Arizona license plates available for your car.

Arizona License Plate Statistics
See how many of each kind of plate are on the road in Arizona.ALPS member Gary Fox’s Arizona License Plate Website
Good reference and good pictures of Arizona license plates over the years.

Make-your-own novelty license plates, with Arizona Correctional Industries!
Get the new flat plate with a graphic of YOUR choice

Visit Arizona!
Come visit the Grand Canyon State, and come to an ALPS meet while you’re here.

Pinnacle Peak Patio Restaurant
The best place ever to host a license plate meet!

ALPCA websites
Automobile License Plate Collectors Association
The best license plate-collecting organization in the world – period.

ALPCA Silver State Region (Nevada)
An ALPCA region in Nevada that hosts a big license plate meet every March.

ALPCA Garden State Region (New Jersey)
An ALPCA region in New Jersey.

ALPCA Heartland Region (MO, IA, KS, NE)
Another great region, this one in the Midwestern United States

ALPCA “This is the Place” Region (Utah)
An ALPCA Region in Utah. Check out their awesome souvenir license plates!Cool license plate websites in general

John Northup’s license plate website – includes the “highs” list!
One of the best license plates websites – ever.

Jim Moini’s license plate website from New Jersey
New Jersey based ALPCA member Jim Moini’s awesome license plate website

JFAZEKAS.NET – License plate site of Jeff Fazekas, ALPCA #9896
Extensive NJ collection displayed, a guide to current Vermont license plates, and much more.

Piccadilly Museum of Transportation Collectibles – Butte, Montana
A transportation museum owned by ALPCA President Jeff Francis

Sites to buy license plates
(ALPS is not affiliated with any of these sites)

The License Plate Store
Operated by Ingo Eiselmayer, an ALPS member.

Plate Depot
Run by ALPCA member Mark O’Neill of Illinois, he has a great selection and fair prices.

For the totally lazy license plate collector who is not concerned about getting the best price, enjoys paying an inflated shipping charge, and has no interest in learning about the hobby.